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  • Defa International, Inc is a professional supplier of precision metal parts, can provide all kinds of OEM parts manufacturing and processing markets. The introduction of Japan CITIZEN CNC lathes computer, swiss type CNC Lathe , CNC precision milling machine and other advanced equipment, sophisticated, fast mass production of all kinds of aluminum, iron, stainless steel, copper and special materials of metal parts products. We manufacture products range covers all kinds of pipe fittings fittings, architectural hardware, auto parts, machinery parts, bicycle parts, kitchen and bathroom hardware, medical equipment parts, industrial hardware, valve parts, food machinery parts, hardware tools ... and so on.
  • DEFA to provide customers with the best service, we also accept ODM manufacturing, providing tailored support services to meet the needs of customer orders, we have a dedicated design department, using ESPRIT CAM integrated solutions to solve precision parts production, mainly to help manufacturing develop intuitive, with complete details and simulate the real effect of the presentation. Improve production quality and shorten the process time and reduce manufacturing costs to help you enhance market competitiveness. We have the system for more than thousands of precision metal parts, in addition to have a very rich experience in shaping the process of cutting, but also deep in major listed company or industry, such as high praise, to establish a good reputation in the market.
  • In addition, we have a professional addition to cutting molding precision parts, but also has the ability to service the whole of the subsequent processing, such as: polishing, grinding treatment, anodizing, sandblasting, electroplating, painting and other related processing, and can the integration, in downstream resources to follow-up the finished product assembly, packaging, are in control of part of the process.
  • In our years of proven experience, is absolutely the best quality of service to customers, we believe that the cost of production competitive and excellent quality, design and manufacture absolutely convinced that we can trust to meet customer demand, and in the price or quantity according to product characteristics are negotiated individually, we welcome you to contact us for further!
  • Defa International , Inc.
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